Paul really just wants a nice day with his friend. But Olly’s idea of a nice day includes climbing, leaping, questing, exploring, and maybe some light fleeing. Paul is just lucky that Olly's never heard of swashbuckling.

Oh man.

No one tell Olly about swashbuckling, okay?

About the Team

Samantha Kyle - Illustrator, Creator

Samantha Kyle created Paul & Olly as a 24-hour Comic Day story in 2011 (that story is available on the site as Chapter 0). In 2015, she decided to bring it back as a webcomic. Sam’s magic cannot be measured on any currently available scale.

Bri Rudd - Writer


It's possible that Sam invited Bri to join Team Pando. It's also possible that Bri invited herself. No one remembers for sure, though Bri is pretty sure it's the latter. Bri can occasionally be found having opinions about comics in various internet places. She must be fed every 2-3 hours and may be an actual chipmunk.

Ginger Dee - Colorist

Gin is half of comics studio Chris & Gin. Her mythical powers are such that some don’t believe she exists. But in the fall of 2015, Sam and Bri summoned her into reality with a tart limeade and asked her to be the colorist for Paul & Olly
She said yes (obviously), and there was much rejoicing in the land.

Team Pando was already hanging out and making stuff. Now they get to do both at once. What a time to be alive.